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Traveling to Disneyland with Teenagers

Going to Disneyland with Teenagers - Disneyland Castle
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Matt Claiborne
January 21, 2022

Traveling to Disneyland® is a bucket list item for many families. Whether it's your first time or you've been every year, there's always more magic to be discovered. 

Five Rookie Moves to Avoid when Taking Your Teenagers to Disneyland®

Traveling to Disneyland® with teenagers means having the right balance of family time and independence. Some teens will be happy to spend the day with their families, and others will want more freedom to check out adventurous rides. Follow our tips to avoid rookie Disney mistakes and get the most out of your Disney vacation. 

Not Planning Enough Time

Time to Plan - Clock

Time management is paramount to enjoying your Disney vacation. Plan your time wisely to get the most out of your visit. A common mistake is planning only one day at the parks. Instead, you'll want to plan two or three days to see everything. You can spend an entire day in Disneyland®, a full day in Disney California Adventure Park, and revisit your favorites or fit in missed rides on the final day.

Don’t sleep in on park days to make the most of your time. Grab breakfast at your hotel instead of waiting to eat at the theme park. Get to the park as soon as they open, and you'll miss some of the crowds. 

Not Having a Daily Plan

It's usually fun to wing a vacation. You can just show up at the beach and see how the day unfolds. However, a Disneyland® plan will help everyone get the most out of their tickets while avoiding unnecessary stress. 

A plan should include which rides to prioritize, where to meet for lunch, and where to meet at the end of the day. Instead of wasting time with decision fatigue, a plan will help you get the most out of your day.

Not Giving Your Teens Choices

Bored Teenager boy at the park

Before you depart for the day, make a plan. Agree with your teens on how much freedom they'll have. Disneyland® allows teens over 14 to enter the park without adult supervision. If your teen is mature and ready to tackle rides alone, your family might choose to divide and conquer. 

If you decide to stick together, ask your teens which ride they want to do. Make sure your teen is part of the planning stage so they'll have control over their day. 

Not Staying Organized and Connected

Disneyland® is a big place, and it's easy to get disoriented. Download the Disneyland® App and use Disney Genie to skip lines. The Disneyland® App also has a map, so you'll know exactly where you are and where you are headed. 

Since you are using your phone so much to track rides, wait times, look at the map, and take pictures and videos, you might drain your battery. Disneyland® pros like to use FuelRods, portable battery chargers available at various kiosks throughout the park. If you've planned ahead, you can buy your battery charger and bring it in. 

If your teens are off on their own, make sure they also have a way to keep their phones charged. Phones are a great way to connect to confirm meet-ups. 

Not Having Fun

Bored teenager girl

Sometimes, families get so busy following all the pre-planning and execution advice that they forget to have fun! Your teens might enjoy riding "younger" rides or posing with Mickey Mouse. Or, they might be interested in the more exciting rides. Don't expect perfection from the day or the experience. Poor weather, bad attitudes, or minor disappointments might creep in. Instead, focus on the big picture and surf the waves of vacation drama while enjoying the ride. 

Enjoy Disneyland® with Teenagers

Disneyland® offers a magical escape for kids of all ages. Check out our best tips for getting around Disneyland® and enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth.

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