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Transportation Options Around Disneyland

Transportation near Disneyland - Taxi Cab
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Matt Claiborne
July 9, 2021

While some travelers prefer to rent a car to get around Anaheim, it's perfectly feasible to get around without a car. There are quite a few transportation options around Disneyland that will enable visitors to get where they need to go with minimal hassle.

Years ago, tourists relied on either their vehicles or a combination of buses and taxis. Today, public transportation, ride-shares, and easy-to-use apps make going without a car convenient and affordable. But various places, including Disney, charge steep fees for car parking, so going without a car might save you money and hassle. Parking your car at the major theme parks and destinations can result in frustration with full lots or a long walk from the furthest spot.

Getting dropped off by the bus or ride-share can mean less hassle and smoother travel. If you choose a combination of public transportation and ride-shares, you can focus on the fun instead of worrying about navigation, traffic, and parking.

Super Shuttle Express‍

Super Shuttle Express car

You can patch together a bus route to take you from the airport to your hotel. Many travelers arrive tired of manhandling luggage and are ready for the quickest way to their hotel. Check  Super Shuttle Express for a hassle-free ride from the airport.

Orange County Transportation Authority Bus System


Orange County buses have 60 routes with 5,000 stops. This extensive system means that you can reach any Anaheim destination by bus.


Orange County offers a Metrolink. The Metrolink is limited with three lines that make 11 stops. Popular stops include Anaheim, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, and Oceanside. The Metrolink is a great way to get to the beach. Metrolink charges by distance traveled and offers one-way fares and monthly passes.

Anaheim Resort Transit (ART)

ART Bus outside Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center

The Anaheim Resort Transit (ART) is one of the best ways to get around Anaheim. The ART stops near many of the hotels and places to stay near Disneyland. ART takes guests to the major sports venues, restaurants, shopping centers, and theme parks. Popular destinations include Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Anaheim Convention Center, Angel Stadium, the Honda Center, the Packing District, and the ARTIC Transportation Hub.


The ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) is a transportation hub. The ART will drop you off here, and you can catch the Metroline system or the Amtrak to travel further afield to destinations such as San Diego or Los Angeles.

Disneyland Public Transportation‍

Once you enter Disneyland, you can hop between parks on the Disney Monorail.

Rideshare Apps‍

Download the Lyft or Uber apps and get a ride-share wherever you want to go. This option is usually more expensive than public transportation but provides a convenient way to go doorstep to doorstep.

Yellow Cab Taxi‍

Yellow Cab Taxi sign

Hailing or calling a taxi is a tried and true method of getting around without a car. Professional drivers know the best routes to avoid traffic and get you straight to your destination.


FRAN stands for Free Rides Around the Neighborhood. Download the TripShot app and get a free ride around downtown Anaheim, called "Center City." FRAN transports guests between locations such as The Circle, City Hall, Farmer's Park, Packing House, and Colony Park.


The easiest way to get around Disneyland itself is by walking. You might also be able to walk from your hotel to nearby restaurants and attractions. Capri Anaheim is within walking distance of several popular restaurants.

Putting It All Together‍

Visitors can combine various ways to get around Anaheim to get to their destination. For example, you might take the ART to the Metroline and the Metroline to the beach if you're traveling to the beach. If you're going shopping, you might take ART there and hail a ride-share to get home with all your packages.

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