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4 Best Mixology Bars near Anaheim

Best Mixology Bars near Anaheim - Cocktail
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
November 10, 2023

Looking to mix things up by enjoying the handiwork of some of Southern California's best mixologists? The Anaheim area is home to a great collection of mixology bars that combine serious drinks with not-so-serious themes. Don't plan your trip without checking out this list of the four best mixology bars near Anaheim.

The Blind Rabbit - Anaheim

Burgers and Cocktails at The Blind Rabbit

The Blind Rabbit offers a mystical atmosphere with incredible cocktails and mixed drinks. When you show up for a speakeasy experience at the Blind Rabbit, you have 90 minutes to dine and drink from a menu that features fish and chips, corn esquites, duck confit, crab cakes, burgers, and croissant bread pudding. The beautifully illustrated cocktail menu offers creatively classic concoctions made with whiskey, absinthe, gin, vermouth, cognac, scotch, honey, bitters, and more!

Strong Water - Anaheim

Cocktails in Strong Water cups

Strong Water was named the best cocktail bar in Orange County for 2023 by the L.A. Times. It has also earned accolades from the Spirited Awards, Orange Coast Magazine, and more. Strong Water is famous for its rum cocktails! Choose a Blue Hawaii, Jet Pilot, Saturn, Painkiller, Fog Cutter, Naval Grog, Voyager's Daiquiri, or any of the other 20 rum-based concoctions served here to sail away with a good feeling! There's also a delicious list of stirred drinks, mugs, and bowls. Strong Water also has an incredible food menu that features Hawaiian buttered shrimp, New York steak, crispy wings, and the award-winning Loco Moco Burger.

The Cauldron - Buena Park

The Cauldron is a gastropub that offers spirits and brews alongside a unique menu of French-casual cuisine. The hook here is that the bartenders serve wines and cocktail ingredients made in California. The moody, enchanted interior of this bar will certainly leave you feeling like you're under a spell! While the incredible libations served here bring in the crowds, it's the elegant menu consisting of prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, escargot, French meatballs, house-made bacon jam served on toasted crostini, cheese crepes, steak bites, bread pudding, and boozy house-made ice cream that will convince you that this is one of the best mixology bars near Anaheim.

Barcode - Garden Grove

Barcode Bar area

Barcode is a bar where craft cocktails, great beers, and yummy finger foods come together in a setting brimming with pop culture and nostalgia! The interior feels like a museum of your childhood. Be immersed in the culture of the 80s and 90s while you dine. You will also enjoy retro video games, rare collectibles, and the works of highly talented mixologists. Some favorites from the drink menu at Barcode include the Princess Peach, Joker, Darth Maul, Flux Capacitor, and Dr. Strange.

Adding More Anaheim Adventures to Your Itinerary

Checking out the best mixology bars near Anaheim is a great way to put an adult twist on your trip! However, there's still so much more magic for all ages to experience when you come to Anaheim to visit major parks and attractions. This list of things to do near Disneyland will help you fill every minute with fun, adventure, shopping, nature, and history.

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