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Tunnel of Terror Haunted Carwash

Haunted Carwash - Tunnel of Terror - Couple inside a car with a Ghost actor
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
October 7, 2022

Halloween season is upon us, and if you love spooky thrills, you will find Anaheim's newest attraction, the Tunnel of Terror, an exciting twist on the typical haunted house!

Gather your family and friends and buckle up for a ride through a car wash full of ghouls, ghosts, and other creepy surprises. Each night the haunted Tunnel offers a unique experience for guests of all ages. With no need to walk (or run!), it's also a fantastic option for people with mobility issues to get into the Halloween spirit.

Take A Thrill Ride

Haunted Carwash

The Tunnel of Terror OC is Southern California's first haunted car wash, full of special effects and unexpected surprises that will put chills down your spine! As you put your car in neutral and let the tracks pull your vehicle slowly through the car wash, you'll be on the edge of your seat, never knowing what ghostly specter will pop up to scare you through the suds and water washing over your windows!

If you're looking for something different to add to your Halloween activities this year, you must put this haunted car wash on your list. With spooky action and sounds happening on both sides of the vehicle as it passes through the darkened Tunnel, you'll be twisting and turning to catch every exciting detail.

Kids and adults will find the Tunnel a one-of-a-kind car wash experience that starts with thrills and chills and ends with the bonus of a squeaky clean vehicle. If you would rather play the part of a terrifying zombie, clown, or ghoul and have a blast frightening guests, the Tunnel is looking for people to join their Scare Team.

What To Know

Clown at a carwash

The haunted Tunnel will frighten guests from October 6 through October 31, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, at the Big Wave Car Wash at 2219 Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim. Ticket prices are lowest during the first half hour of operation each night, and you'll need to reserve a time slot online as capacity is limited.

Tickets are per car, not per guest, so bring a group and split the cost for a super fun and unusual haunted event that will have you screaming and laughing. Or, make it a surprising addition to other haunted attractions in Anaheim that your family or friends are visiting to celebrate the season.

Before you arrive, ensure each vehicle has a pre-purchased ticket pulled up on the phone or printed to keep vehicles moving smoothly through the attraction. Guests must obey the posted ghostly rules for a safe and fun experience. This haunted attraction is an active car wash, which means there are standard restrictions on vehicle size and accessories that can enter the Tunnel. Please visit the Tunnel OC website for the complete list of regulations. No motorcycles are allowed.

Stay Close To The Action

Scary actor dressed as a clown

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