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5 Places for the Best Sushi Near Disneyland

Best Sushi Near Disneyland - Sushi Place
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
February 17, 2023

If you're heading to Disneyland and are looking for some delicious sushi to fuel up before or after your day of adventure, look no further! We've rounded up five places to eat the best sushi near Disneyland. From delicious specialty rolls to delectable omakase dinners, these restaurants have all been carefully vetted with your Disney vacation in mind. So get ready to have an amazing time and treat yourself to some of the most delicious sushi near the happiest place on Earth – it's going to be magical!

Orange Roll & Sushi

Salmon Bowl

If you want to experience a fun and tasty dining experience that won't break the bank - head to Orange Sushi! With five locations in Orange County, the expert chefs at this spot specialize in American fusion rolls and dishes - all made from only the freshest ingredients. Try their Salmon Bowl for a filling meal packed full of delicious salmon and rice, or be daring and try something new like their unique Orange Roll – succulent salmon inside wrapped around an orange twisty lemon on top. 

NOVA Kitchen & Bar

Nova is the perfect mix of American style and Asian culinary creativity. With their diverse menu filled with classic favorites, unique flavors from across Asia, and freshly imagined dishes - it's sure to tantalize your taste buds! Even during brunch, when they offer a limited selection of items, you can still expect high-quality sushi made with fresh fish cut thick for an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in expertly crafted flavor combinations while enjoying this cozy spot surrounded by amazing food!

EXO Sushi

EXO Sushi - Sashimi

EXO Sushi offers an exquisite array of Japanese dishes at unbeatable prices that will make your tastebuds dance. With a wide selection of Japanese delicacies that are all reasonably priced, this top-notch restaurant will take your dining experience up a notch. Whether you're an experienced raw fish lover or just getting started in the world of sushi, their menu is delicious. The craftsmanship behind each roll is like a work of art; only it tastes better. They use only the freshest ingredients, so every bite melts in your mouth. And don’t forget to order their plum wine that will pair perfectly with your meal!

Roll Star Sushi

Roll Star Sushi is a restaurant that stands out from the crowd! Their meticulously crafted menu tantalizes your taste buds with delectable Chinese cuisine and contemporary takes on traditional dishes. Each bite of their signature rolls or classic favorites bursts with flavor and texture thanks to top-notch ingredients like fresh seasonal fish. Plus, every plate looks as unique as it tastes - you'll understand why Roll Star Sushi has been voted an Anaheim favorite for its mouthwatering dishes. You can dine at the restaurant or get takeout/delivery options for any occasion!

Rollin Sushi Café

Sashimi Bowl

For a sushi experience that will exceed your expectations, come to Rollin Sushi Café to taste their exquisite recipes and delicious beverages! Open until midnight, so you can get that late-night sushi fix anytime! Enjoy not only the taste of the food but also its presentation - each order is crafted with precision to ensure satisfaction every time. If you're in a hurry, there's no need to worry, as tables are easily reservable at any time of day. Don't forget about the baked goods either; they are consistently divine! Despite having limited seating available, staff members always greet guests warmly.

Enjoy the Best Sushi Near Disneyland Today!

There you have it! The best sushi near Disneyland. All these restaurants are near the Disneyland Resort parks, so you can quickly grab for lunch or dinner. If you're looking for something unique and fun to do outside the parks, check out Anaheim Packing District. With its eclectic mix of food and drink options, there's something for everyone – including some great sushi spots. So whether you want to stay inside the parks or venture out into the city, you know where to find the best sushi nearby.

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