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Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade

Anaheim Fall Festival & Parade - Kids in Halloween Costumes
Christine Ellis
Christine Ellis
October 14, 2022

Suppose your family's Halloween spirit is strong, and you live in or visit southern California. In that case, you will love the exciting Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade to be held on Saturday, October 29, 2022. Long before Disneyland became the city's top draw, the Fall Festival continued to be the place to enjoy wholesome fun no matter your age!

Fall Festival History

Stand at the Fall Festival

The Fall Festival has drawn visitors since its inception on October 30th, 1924. What began as a way to deter kids from late-night pranks on "mischief night" has become an almost century-long tradition of locals and out-of-town guests gathering to enjoy great food, activities, and entertainment centered around Halloween fun.

The Halloween Parade was once one of the largest in the country and had a great revival in 2013 by a pair of Anaheim resident Disney artists (and a dedicated group of volunteers) who created a nostalgic, vintage look to the floats that ramped up interest from both participants and spectators.

Every year after that, the Anaheim Halloween Parade and accompanying Festival have enjoyed a revival as a full-fledged community-led event that delivers wholesome fun for kids, adults, and seniors.

2022 Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade Details

Anaheim Halloween Parade

The Festival and Parade is a single-day event held on Saturday, October 29th, 2022. The festival and events start at 11 a.m. and end at 6 p.m., with the parade starting at 7 p.m. The festival does not charge an entrance fee to view the parade or browse the vendor booths.

The festival is on Center Street between Harbor and Anaheim Boulevards in the downtown area and Anaheim City Hall. Parking is available in the Center Street parking structure, but plan to arrive early to snag a spot at this popular event.

The parade route starts at City Hall (200 S Anaheim Blvd) and goes west on Center and Broadway, then turns left on Harbor, right on Broadway, and ends as it passes S West Street. Seating along the route allows spectators to catch some candy and take in the dazzling floats and elaborate costumes that make this parade a national standout.

Festival Activities

3 girls in costume

The Halloween festivities kick off at 11 a.m. with the 45-minute registration period for the kiddie costume contest (ages infant-12), with judging and prize giveaways beginning at noon. There is also a family costume contest if you want to get into the spirit, as long as one group member is under 12.

Next is a chance for your furry friends to join in the fun, with registration for the doggie costume contest from 2:00 to 2:45 p.m., with judging starting at 3:00 p.m. during the "pawrade."

Throughout the festival grounds, you'll find activities, entertainment by musicians, and vendors selling food, drinks, gifts, jewelry, clothing, art, sweets, and so much more. Expect a day of spooky-themed merriment with a crowd of fun-loving guests and volunteers.

Remember that the festival committee holds fundraising events leading up to the day of the Fall Festival to support this timeless tradition. You can help the festival by attending, donating to fundraisers, or even signing up to volunteer.

Make Your Anaheim Visit Relaxing

Fun multi-generational travel to Anaheim that includes the Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade is sure to be a big hit. Booking a place nearby to stay allows you to unwind and focus on creating a memorable family-friendly Halloween experience!

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