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Thrifty Thrills: Activities near Disneyland

Free Things To Do Near Disneyland - Muzeo
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
July 28, 2023

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland but worried that the costs getting out of hand? Not to worry! There are plenty of thrifty activities and experiences near Disneyland that won't break the bank - you just need to know where to look, and we're here to help! This blog post will guide you through some of the best free things to do near Disneyland so that everyone can enjoy a magical vacation without spending an arm and a leg. So, what are you waiting for? Here are five places to get you started!

Learn History and View Art at Muzeo Museum Cultural Center

Unlock your artistic potential and transform it into a thriving business at the Muzeo Museum Cultural Center. Join the comprehensive workshop and gain valuable insights on pricing, branding, and networking in the art industry. The expert instructors will guide you every step of the way while also encouraging you to explore your creative style. Through hands-on activities and engaging group discussions, you'll be inspired and empowered to take your art to new heights. The workshop's grand finale is a professional art show at MUZEO.

The Largest Botanical Garden at Fullerton Arboretum

Fullerton Arboretum

Discover the hidden gem of The Largest Botanical Garden at Fullerton Arboretum. Once just a parking lot, this remarkable space has become a favorite among students, faculty, and the community. Experience the beauty of global flora while supporting a great cause – a $5 donation is suggested. Explore the diverse collection of plants and trees, observe wildlife, and snap some stunning nature photos. Just stay on the designated paths and lawns and keep an eye on young children.

Experienced the Fullerton Train Museum

Fullerton Train Museum

Experience the Fullerton Train Museum! The museum, operated by the Southern California Railway Plaza Association, Inc. (SCRPA), is dedicated to providing education and showcasing historic railcars. The collection includes three preserved cabooses from the three transcontinental railroads that served Southern California, two Union Pacific lounge cars from the 1940s, and a fully restored Santa Fe sleeping car from 1951. The railcars are meticulously maintained to resemble their original "in service" condition.

Window Shop at Downtown Disney

Explore the wonder of Downtown Disney, where excitement awaits! Gather your loved ones for an unforgettable experience with thrilling entertainment, delectable food, delightful shopping, and magical moments. With captivating decor, enchanting music, and stunning displays, you'll be fully immersed in Disney magic. This beautiful destination offers all the enchantment of the Disneyland Resort without the need for a theme park ticket! Downtown Disney is the perfect choice if you're looking for free things to do near Disneyland. Whether day or night, create cherished memories with your family and friends. Indulge in a leisurely meal or treat yourself to classic Disney delights like churros and pretzels.

Walk Along at Anaheim Coves Trail

Anaheim Coves Trail

Enjoy the Anaheim Coves Trail, a picturesque 7.9-km trail in Placentia, California. Perfect for birding, road biking, and running, this popular route offers a leisurely experience that can be completed in approximately 1 hour and 31 minutes. Surrounded by natural beauty, the trail is open year-round and welcomes dogs on leashes. Conveniently, there are accessible parking spaces available at the north end of the trail. With a smooth, paved surface and a width of at least 8 feet, this trail ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Discover Free Wonders Near Disneyland— Let The Magic Begin!

All in all, there are many free things to do near Disneyland to enjoy with your family and friends. Whether you're looking for entertainment, relaxation, or shopping -- you can find something wonderful near the park and within your budget. No vacation is complete without a trip to Anaheim Garden Walk - a great outdoor mall close to the resort. With its abundance of entertainment, fashion outlets, and restaurants – it's worth visiting if you're looking for something extra special! 

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