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Orange County Zoo: A Haven for Wildlife

OC Zoo: A Haven for Wildlife - Mountain Lion
Carla Docdocil
Carla Docdocil
June 23, 2023

Ready to explore the wonderful world of wildlife? Look no further than the Orange County Zoo, where you can be immersed in nature and appreciate all its beauty. From exotic animals like zebras and tigers to endangered species like sea turtles, all great and small creatures call this zoo home. With full access to roaming grounds for visitors and animal showings from experts, the Orange County Zoo has something for everyone—whether you're interested in learning or simply looking for an enjoyable day outdoors. As a family-friendly environment with knowledgeable staff members on hand during your visit, it's the perfect spot to get up close and personal with our furry friends! Experience one of California's finest attractions–Orange County Zoo–where adventure meets education.

Programs for Education and Engagement

Kid playing with a goat

Experience the wonders of wildlife conservation through the Orange County Zoo's range of engaging educational programs. These programs cater to individuals of all ages. They are designed to educate visitors about the importance of protecting and preserving local wildlife. From school field trips to animal presentations and wildlife workshops, participants can look forward to interactive experiences that offer insights into the behavior, habitats, and challenges faced by native species. Remember to check out our discovery cart when you visit! With fun and educational hands-on artifacts, it's the perfect opportunity to learn and explore.

History and Conservation Efforts

Discover the fascinating history of the Orange County Zoo - established over a century ago, in 1905! Today, it is a top-notch facility dedicated to preserving and conserving native wildlife. One of the ways the zoo stays committed to its mission is through its engagement in various breeding programs that prioritize endangered and threatened species. By doing so, the Orange County Zoo plays a crucial role in protecting and promoting the area's biodiversity.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hands petting a raccoon

Get involved in wildlife conservation by offering your time and skills as a volunteer at Orange County Zoo. Help with animal care, gardening, and educational programs. By volunteering, you'll play a crucial part in the well-being of the animals and raise awareness about the importance of preserving wildlife. As a docent, you'll be an education volunteer, guide school children, help with toddler classes, scout programs, and storytime programs, and run discovery carts with hands-on animal artifacts in the Zoo Education Department. Make a difference and fulfill your passion for wildlife by becoming an Orange County Zoo volunteer.

Park Rules and Regulations

The Orange County Zoo has established clear park rules and regulations to protect visitors and animals. These essential directives ensure your safety and the well-being of beloved creatures. They include refraining from feeding the animals, staying on designated paths, and keeping a respectful distance from enclosures. They also strictly prohibit the consumption of intoxicants, ask that vehicles park only in designated areas, and enforce a speed limit of 10 MPH at all times. Visitors can experience an immersive and safe environment by following these essential guidelines while helping us care for our animals.

Ongoing Zoo Improvements


The Orange County Zoo is dedicated to improving animal habitats and facilities. Recent upgrades have resulted in larger enclosures and more natural elements, providing a stimulating and enriching animal environment. This commitment to animal welfare ensures that the zoo remains a leader in the field, allowing visitors to witness wildlife in surroundings that closely resemble their natural habitats.

The General Development Plan includes two separate areas that can be adjusted to create four distinct display spaces, as well as features like natural rock walls, climbing platforms, a waterfall element, and secure fencing to protect the public and minimize animal injuries. Additionally, a natural-looking bridge is present to increase the potential for animal viewing. This immersive landscape recreates the look and feel of the animal's natural habitat and enhances visitor enjoyment.

Celebrating Orange County Zoo's Wildlife Wonders

The Orange County Zoo is the ultimate destination for a memorable family day out, where children can enjoy playing among the fascinating flora and fauna and learn valuable conservation lessons. With its award-winning habitats and engaging educational programs, this extraordinary haven truly immerses visitors in the diverse world of wildlife. After a busy day at the zoo, take the kids to shop and eat at  Anaheim Garden Walk.

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