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6 Travel Packing Tips and Hacks

Travel Packing Tips and Hacks - Packed Luggage
James Conti
James Conti
January 27, 2023

Pack for your next vacation like a pro with these 6 travel packing tips and hacks. These hacks make packing for your next trip a breeze, from packing cubes to rolling your clothes. So throw away those Ziplocs and get ready to roll!

Invest in a Good Quality Suitcase - It Will Make Your Life Much Easier!

Nothing is worse than lugging around a beat-up suitcase at the airport. That's why investing in a good quality suitcase should be a top priority! It might seem expensive, but it will save you so much hassle in the long run. With a robust and dependable suitcase, you can breeze through the airport without worrying about zippers that won't close or flimsy wheels that keep breaking off. And who knows? Maybe it could even give you an extra boost of confidence for your next holiday!

Pack Light - Only Bring What You Absolutely Need

Luggage with clothes

When traveling, how many of us have packed and re-packed, taking out a few items only to add others later? Pack lightly, and it will be easier on you! Life is too short, and trips are meant to be fun. So how many pairs of shoes do you really need anyway? Don't bog yourself down with unnecessary items. You can enjoy your trip to the fullest if you pare down your list of must-haves; remember, it's all about what you absolutely need - not how much you can fit into one suitcase. Bon, voyage!

Use Packing Cubes to Keep Everything Organized

Packing cubes are one of the best travel packing tips and hacks to make bringing order to the chaos of packing for a trip a breeze. Not only do they make packing and unpacking easier, but they also help make the most of tight suitcase space! You can easily fit in an extra item by compartmentalizing clothes into cubes instead of chaotic piles. The best part is that when you unpack, everything is still organized and easily accessible. Packing cubes make it so easy to keep everything in its place while on the go, leaving more time to focus on what really matters - having an amazing time!

Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them to Save Space

Someone rolling the clothes and putting them into the luggage

We all know that wardrobe space has a funny way of running out so quickly. It's time to break away from the traditional folding technique and make rolling your clothes a staple practice in the daily routine. Now rolling your clothes takes a little more time than folding, but it's totally worth the effort! Not only does it save precious space in both drawers and suitcases, but it also keeps clothes wrinkle-free. Plus, rolling can be fun and therapeutic if done with enthusiasm. So come on, give rolling a try – you won't regret it!

Wear Your Heaviest Shoes on the Plane to Save Space in Your Luggage

Avoid airline baggage fees by wearing your heaviest shoes on the plane! Sure, large and bulky shoes take up too much space in your luggage, but wearing them on the plane frees up a large amount of room you can use to store items you don’t want to lug around all day. Plus, it hardly takes effort – just strap them up, pop them on, and walk right through security! Who knew that fashion could also be practical?!

Take Advantage of All the Pockets in Your Clothing to Store Small Items

Phone in the pocket

Are you looking to free up some space in your purse or wallet? You don't need to purchase a new bag or accessory; you already have the perfect storage solution. Literally! Take advantage of all the pockets in your clothing, and you'll be surprised by how much extra room you have for small items like cash and cards. Stash some coins in your pants pocket, put your phone in a coat pocket and store anything paper-based in any other pocket you can find. Soon you'll be able to leave your bulky purse at home for good!

Now You're Ready to Pack & Travel Like a Pro!

Packing light may seem daunting at first, but trust us – it’s worth it. Not only will you save a lot of time and energy, but you’ll also be able to pack more into your suitcase. And who doesn’t love that? With these travel packing tips and hacks, you will be ready to conquer your next vacation like a pro!

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