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5 Mind-Bending Escape Rooms in Anaheim, CA

Top Escape Rooms in Anaheim, CA - Old School Key
Camille Reddick
Camille Reddick
March 24, 2023

From mysterious puzzles and thrilling tasks to immersive storylines and impressive set designs, these five escape rooms in Anaheim will surely provide an unforgettable experience! Look no further than these top-rated escape rooms in Anaheim, CA, whether it's for a special occasion or a fun night out with friends. With challenging puzzles and rewarding teamwork activities, you'll be sure to make the most of your time working together to solve the mystery and escape!

Mission Escape Games - Anaheim, CA

Mission Escape Games

Get lost in a world of clues and brain-teasing puzzles at this escape room that offers a heart-racing good time! Teams have one full hour to plan an escape by communicating and cooperating. The best part about Mission Escape Games is that guests can choose their adventures! Themes include a bank heist, an end-of-days scenario, a torture chamber, and a "Jekyll and Hyde" quest.

Infinity Escape - Fullerton, CA

Your group will be savvy enough not to spend all of the eternity trapped at Infinity Escape! This fun Orange County escape room offers a cinema-level experience that challenges participants to rely on their wits and team-building skills to solve riddles and puzzles using enigmatic hints and clues. Different escape scenarios are offered to introduce everything from beguiling witches to zoned-out zombies!

Wild Goose Escapes - Fullerton, CA

Wild Goose Escapes Waiting Area

A savvy mind and teamwork can help to turn the adventure at Wild Goose Escapes from a wild goose chase to a satisfying thrill ride! Serial killers, AI gone rogue, a high-stress bunker, and a zombie apocalypse are all on the menu. The wide array of themes and difficulty levels offered at this popular escape house can make it easy to plan an escape event that makes everyone in the group happy!

Entangled an Escape Room Experience - Orange, CA

Entangled offers several unforgettable rooms to choose from. Prove your innocence in the Framed for Murder room. Strategize for survival against an alien race in the Senseless room. Of course, those who love the darker side of things will enjoy The Cursed experience that transports guests to a cemetery deep within the marsh. Finally, Bishop Manor evokes the fun of a traditional murder mystery by challenging guests to discover what happened to four people who went missing after visiting the dark and imposing Bishop Manner.

Cinema Escape Room - Los Alamitos, CA

Cinema Escape Room's Waiting Area

Live the thrill of your favorite shows and movies at Cinema Escape Room. Yes, this escape room offers an experience inspired by pop culture's biggest splashes and splatters. A Strange Thing and An Office escapes are the two big hits at this place where familiar shows we all know and love get disturbingly unfamiliar twists!

A Fun Escape Is Just the Beginning

Don't end the night because the buzzer has sounded at the escape room! After emerging from a dark tunnel of mystery and intrigue, you'll want to shake off the intensity when it's time to celebrate your victory at one of the highly-rated escape rooms in Anaheim, CA. While you’re in the area, be sure to check out some of Orange County’s world-class beaches.

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