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Taste of Japan - Events Near Anaheim, CA

Taste of Japan - Events Near Anaheim - Japanese ornaments
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Matt Claiborne
June 3, 2022

Experience the ultimate Japanese festival at the exciting Taste of Japan event at Anaheim Gardenwalk. This free event features a variety of performances, food, and art.

Experience a Taste of Japan in Anaheim

Japanese culture celebrates visual arts, edgy music, and martial arts.

Manga is an important part of Japanese culture. This art form can be traced to the 12th century and features detailed graphics, complex plots, and fascinating characters.

Japanese animation is known as anime and is internationally celebrated for its beautiful drawings and interesting stories.

Woman dressed in cosplay

Cosplay is another vital part of Japanese culture. Visitors can dress up as their favorite manga or anime character. Visitors to the Taste of Japan can get into the cosplay spirit and enter the cosplay competition.

K-Pop celebrates solo and group artists and features catchy lyrics and fun choreography. You can check out K-Pop bands and enjoy musical performances during the Taste of Japan, one of the best cultural events near Anaheim CA.

A Taste of Japan

The community is joining together for a wonderful two-day event on June 17th and June 18th. Come to Anaheim Gardenwalk and immerse yourself in Japanese culture and cuisine. Guests can explore cosplay, anime, and pop culture and experience shopping, fun activities, and family fun. This is a free community event that will put a smile on your face.

Goodie Bag

While the community event is free for everyone, visitors have the option to upgrade to get a goodie bag or VIP tickets. The goodie bag includes a draw-string bag with the event’s attractive logo. In addition, the goodie bag holds a free lunch ticket, a variety of traditional Japanese toys, Japanese snacks, and a Ramen Island T-shirt.

VIP Beer and Sake Garden

Visitors have the option to upgrade to VIP tickets and enjoy a beer and sake tasting in the Beer and Sake Garden. The package includes a goodie bag with a keepsake Taste of Japan cup, Sapporo beer tote bags, and Orion coasters.

Visitors to the Beer and Sake Garden can enjoy snacks such as Chirashi sushi from Sushi Tsujita, Yakitori sticks, and Otsumami. In addition, visitors can enjoy a Shochu cocktail, two cups of beer, and two cups of sake.

Ramen Island

Ramen bowl

Ramen Island is the ultimate ramen pop-up. Visitors can pre-order and enjoy the fabulous taste of authentic Japanese ramen.


Koikeya is a fabulous Japanese brand of potato chips. Visitors can taste these flavorful chips and make purchases at the event.


Stephanie Yanez is the Taste of Japan’s official MC. Yanez won AX Idol at Anime Expo and has released several original songs and albums.

Guests can check out a performance by Ryujin Taiko. This talented trio performs taiko drumming and aims to pair traditional drums with modern energy.

DJ Greg Hignight is another featured performer. DJ Greg Hignight focuses on Japanese and Korean pop and has worked with many high-profile events.

Throughout both Friday and Saturday, visitors can catch various musical and cultural performances. Guests will be entertained by the POM POM Girls, Samurai performers, and dance performances. On Friday night, guests can attend the exciting SoCAL Anime Cosplay Contest.

Karate performance breaking a wooden board with fist.

In addition to music performances, visitors can see karate performances. Karate is a traditional martial art first developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Experience Cultural Events Near Anaheim CA

The Taste of Japan is just one of Anaheim’s many exciting events. For the best hotel deals in Anaheim, check out the fantastic savings at Capri Suites and enjoy the best that Anaheim offers.

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