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Pretend City Children’s Museum Near Anaheim

Pretend City Children’s Museum - Kids playing in a kid's restaurant
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Matt Claiborne
December 17, 2021

Pretend City Children’s Museum near Anaheim is an interactive, hands-on museum that will delight families.

The museum is set up to emulate a city. Young children can learn math and science skills while playing.

Kids also learn teamwork, confidence, problem-solving, and organization skills. In addition, kids role-play different jobs and can "clock in" to earn Pretend City cash at other workstations.

Pretend City Exhibits

Pretend City is an interconnected mini-city where kids can learn by doing. Exhibits include a variety of services and locations available in an actual city. Kids can take on various jobs and tasks as they travel through Pretend City.

The Farm and Service Station

Kids toys - fruits and vegetables

Kids can visit the farm and see live baby chicks and plant gardens. They'll learn about caring for animals and where food comes from.

The service station is the newest exhibit. Here, kids can change a car's oil and hear a glug, glug, glug sound effect.

Trader Joe’s, Marina

Kids can shop for food in the grocery store. They'll love loading up their carts with healthy food and ringing the check-out bell. Buying an exact number of items will help with real-life math skills.

In the marina, kids can play with water, try their hand at fishing, or play with floating boats. Foul weather jackets and boots are available to marina kids to dress for wet weather.

Health Center

Girl playing with x-rays

At the doctor's office, kids can examine X-rays. A health center is an excellent place for kids to play with props, treat patients, and experience medical offices without fear.

At the dentist, they learn about the importance of hygiene and self-care. Kids can examine dolls and practice being medical professionals using different tools.

Restaurant, Art Studio

Kids can practice cooking food or test their serving skills in the restaurant. The restaurant changes hands frequently. You might experience Mexican cuisine one week and Greek food the next. Juggling their parent's orders will help improve kids' motor skills.

In the art studio, kids can try out imaginative art projects. Adult volunteers are on hand to provide project guidance.

Beach and Home

Toys inside a sandbox

At the beach, kids can build sandcastles in the sandbox. In the home exhibit, kids can learn about local families and their diverse cultural backgrounds.

Amphitheater and Construction

The amphitheater is a popular spot as kids can act out different shows and manage props and lighting. An amphitheater is a great place for kids to improve their confidence while having fun. The construction site allows kids to build a home. While building, they'll learn about math and see the value in creating something.

Orange Plaza

Orange Plaza features a library, UPS Store, and a bank. Kids can check out a book at the library or stack boxes for the UPS truck. Kids that have been clocking into work can collect their paycheck at the bank.

Kid-Friendly Anaheim

Pretend City Children's Museum offers families the chance to enjoy creative play, spend time together, and learn new skills. Anaheim is a great destination to enjoy spending time with your family. If you're looking for good coffee places near me, check out our list and get energized for your next Anaheim adventure.

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