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Ontario CA Indoor Skydiving Experience

Indoor Skydiving Experience - Ontario, CA
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Matt Claiborne
August 6, 2021

​​Are you interested in skydiving but focused on safety? Indoor skydiving might be the answer you seek. Indoor skydiving provides all the thrills of regular skydiving in a safe, controlled environment with professional staff focused on giving you an exceptional experience.

IFly World Ontario, CA -- Indoor Skydiving‍

IFly World Ontario Building

Indoor skydiving provides guests the opportunity to experience floating in the air without having to face an expensive flight, the horror of jumping out of an airplane, or fear of the ground rising to meet you. Instead, indoor skydiving lets you float freely in a safe and accessible experience.

Everyone and anyone can try indoor skydiving. IFlyWorld welcomes kids, seniors, and everyone in-between. There's no need to show your gym membership card or run a 5K in preparation. Anyone that wants to try skydiving is welcome.

Arrival, Check-In & Orientation‍

Fill out your flight waiver, and show up at the scheduled time. A team member will help you check-in and will answer any of your questions. You'll then receive a wristband and meet your instructor, who will lead the group through an orientation session. Then, you'll receive a flight suit and helmet and be ready to start your experience.

What is the Flight Experience Like?‍

People doing indoor skydiving

First, you'll sit next to the other flyers outside the flight tunnel. When it's your turn, your instructor will show you to the doorway, and you'll enter the tunnel. In the tunnel, your instructor will help you lean into the wind. You won't feel like you're falling, and you don't have to make a scary jump. You'll just transition from leaning to floating in the air. Your instructor will continue standing by you and guiding you. During a regular session, each flyer will experience two separate flights.

Common Questions about Indoor Skydiving

How Long Does the Experience Last?‍

The experience from check-in to the last flight lasts over an hour. If you want to keep experiencing the thrill, you can purchase additional flights.

What Ages Can Participate?‍

Kids from age three, teenagers, adults, and seniors over 100 years old have experienced the thrill of a lifetime with iFlyWorld. Parents do need to sign a waiver for flyers under 17 years old. If kids are small, the instructor can physically hold them in the tunnel to make them comfortable.

What Fitness Level Do I Need to Have?‍

Are you preparing for your Olympic marathon? Just kidding! People with all fitness levels are welcome to come and enjoy this fun experience. Experienced flight instructors ensure that everyone feels welcome and prepared for their flight.

What Should I Wear?‍

People doing indoor skydiving

Comfortable shorts or pants that allow for easy movement are best. You will wear a flight suit over your street clothes. You can wear jeans, as long as they aren't too tight or restrictive. A comfortable t-shirt is a good idea. Wear lace-up, closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops, sandals, or heels are not permitted.

Loose-hanging items, such as jewelry, watches, rings, hair accessories, watches, and bracelets, should be removed before your flight. Make sure to empty your pockets as well.

‍Experience the Excitement of Ontario CA Indoor Skydiving‍

Indoor skydiving is one of the safest, most exciting experiences you can have. What's more, it's fun for the family! We know families get hungry. So what better way to celebrate your successful flights than with a pizza party? Check out the best pizza in Anaheim and satisfy your hunger as well as your sense of adventure.

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