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Get the Best Ice Cream in Anaheim

Little girl eating ice cream - The Best Ice Cream in Anaheim
Headshot of Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
April 9, 2021

Stop screaming, everyone--let's just get the ice cream! Some of those California summer afternoons can get a little toasty. After a long day at the theme parks, there's no better way to cool down than with an ice-cold cone of frozen cream and sugar.

What's your pick--chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or brown ale and bacon? It doesn't matter. You'll find it all in Anaheim.

The Best Ice Cream in Anaheim

Joe's Italian Ice

Hands holding two cups of Joe's Italian Ice cream

Frosty treats don't have to be limited to indulgent dairy affairs. Joe's Italian Ice specializes in Philadelphia-style frozen Italian ice. Classic flavors include Bada-Bing Cherry, Cotton Candy, and Blue or Red Raspberry. Or work on your adulting and enjoy the Tiki Cream, Java Joe, or Cactus Cooler.

Joe's also serves soft serve and scoop-style ice cream if you need that dairy fix. Can't decide? You need the Joe Smoothie, then. It's a serving of Italian ice blended with soft-serve ice cream of your choice.

House of Chimney Cakes

What's a chimney cake, you ask? It was initially a Hungarian street food called Kürtoskalács. It's a sweet cake filled with sweet cream--you might notice a sweet theme here. The House of Chimney Cakes takes it up a notch by filling their delicious, crispy chimney cakes with luscious ice cream. The cakes are always fresh out of the oven, with a heavenly aroma that immediately makes every waffle cone you've ever had disappear from memory.

Their signature treats are over-the-top creations like the Oreo Overload or the S'Mores. But you can also try the chimney cakes solo with no toppings or even mix and match to make your incredible creation.

Salt & Straw -- Downtown Disney District

Five different flavors of ice cream from Salt and Straw

You can find one of the most famous ice cream chains in the country right here in Anaheim in Downtown Disney. Kim Malek and her cousin Tyler started Salt & Straw as a neighborhood hangout, but they take their ice cream craft very seriously. In their own words, they make "unbelievable ice cream" while building connections with their customers and community.

Flavors are always on the change at Salt & Straw, so you've got to check their website or social media to see what's going on this week. Recent collections included cereal-inspired scoops ranging from Peanut Butter Captain Munch to Snap and Crackle Marshmallow Treats.

Tocumbo Ice Cream

If you think ice cream in America has gotten out of hand, what with the crazy amount of sugar and the insanity going on with all the toppings, Tocumbo has got you covered. Is their ice cream boring by comparison? Absolutely not. To understand Tocumbo, you've got to take a little trip south of the border.

You see, in the small towns of Mexico, there is always a little Michoacana ice cream parlor, and there you find old-fashioned scoops that are thick, creamy, and buttery with bits of fruit, nuts, or chocolates mixed in. It's not fluffy, it's not commercialized, and it's the real deal. Tocumbo brings this traditional Mexican ice cream to the States, and we're delighted they did.

Longboards Ice Cream

Longboard ice cream pops with many toppings

Longboards take custom, homemade ice cream pops--that's the "longboard"--and you get to choose where it goes from there. Dip it in the dark or milk chocolate, then roll in nuts, sprinkles, candy, pretzels, or whatever else you like. Boards come in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, oreo, coconut, or banana.

Longboards is a mobile truck, so check their Instagram to see where in Anaheim they're popping up this week!


Whether you're in town with the family or staying at the Capri Suites Anaheim Convention Center hotel for a work trip, the best ice cream in Anaheim will ensure that cooler heads always prevail.

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