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Explore Yorba Regional Park in Anaheim

Yorba Regional Park, Anaheim, CA - Lake View at Yorba Regional Park
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Matt Claiborne
October 22, 2021

Yorba Regional Park features a gorgeous patch of land over a mile long. This linear layout follows the Santa Ana River. The park is named after influential Californians Bernardo and Jose Antonio Yorba.

Explore Yorba Park in Anaheim

Lake at Yorba Regional Park, CA

There are almost endless activities to explore in Yorba Park. Visitors can enjoy hiking trails and bike trails. Riverside activities include fishing, sailing model boats, or renting a paddleboat. In addition, guests can enjoy a picnic in the park or fire up a barbeque. For more active pursuits, ball fields, playgrounds, and volleyball courts are available.

Numerous shade trees provide a break from the heat. This park is a big draw for families looking to enjoy the Californian sun.


Yorba Park has a 1.4-mile loop trail. Visitors can enjoy this shaded walk while taking in beautiful lake views.


Yorba Park has around 400 picnic tables and 200 barbecues. The number of tables and beautiful scenery makes Yorba Park the destination of choice for those looking to enjoy eating outdoors.

Activities and Sports

Kid ready to play baseball with a bat

In addition to picnicking, there are many activities available at Yorba Park. There are six playgrounds and two baseball fields. Softball fields and volleyball courts add to the sporting activities available. In addition, families can engage in a friendly horseshoe throwing competition.

Flat bicycle trails offer an excellent way for families to enjoy the ride. There's even a Wheel Fun shack that provides bike rentals. Guests looking to extend the bike ride can connect to the Santa Ana River Trail.

In addition, Yorba Park has fitness trails for those looking for exercise.

There is an area dedicated to kite flying for young and old looking for a classic way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether flying a kite yourself or watching family members enjoy themselves, kite flying is a charming way to spend an afternoon.

Lakeside Activities

Hands holding a Seabass

One of the big draws to Yorba Park is the lakes and waterside activities. The park has four lakes and connecting streams. Families can try their hand at fishing for trout, bass, bluegill, and catfish.

The lakes are a popular place to float and race electric model boats. For full-sized fun, rent a paddleboat or kayak.

Yorba History

This area was once Bernando Yorba's sprawling cattle ranch and farm. Bernando's father, José Antonio Yorba, was one of the first Spanish soldiers to settle in California. José was born in Spain and arrived with the Spanish military in 1769. José was awarded a 64,000-acre land grant for his service to the Spanish Empire. This land grant included most of today's Orange County, including Orange, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach.

Bernando Yorba expanded the family's landholdings. He was granted the Rancho Cañón de Santa Ana and built the Hacienda de San Antonio. His ranch had thousands of cattle and horses.

The area used for Yorba Park was part of Bernando Yorba's cattle ranch. The land continued to be employed in agriculture after the Yorba's left. In 1972, Orange County purchased this 166-acre strip and turned it into Yorba Park.

Enjoy Exploring Yorba Park in Anaheim

Yorba Park has many ways to keep the family entertained while enjoying the great outdoors and exploring a piece of California's history. To keep the fun going, how about a pizza for dinner? Everyone loves a great pizza, and we've put together a list of the best pizza in the area, so be sure to check it out!

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