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DiscoveryCube Science Center Children's Museum

DiscoveryCube Science Center OC - Visit the DiscoveryCube
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Matt Claiborne
May 21, 2021

The DiscoveryCube Science Center has over 100 hands-on exhibits. Don't just read a textbook, watch a Youtube video, or sit through a boring class. At the Discovery Cube, the whole family can experience science and technology using all of their senses.

Explore Interactive Exhibits at Discovery Cube

Dig Up a Dino Adventure‍

Kids at the Dig Up a Dino Adventure

The outdoor Dino Quest exhibit is a fan favorite. The two-story-tall dinosaur is a sight to behold, and everyone will love exploring its inner workings. Kids can see the dinosaur's muscles, bones, and digestive processes. Paleontologists can dig for dinosaur bones. An interactive research mission lets kids track fossils, dinosaurs, and geodes.

Blast Off at Rocket Lab‍

You'll be blown away by the power of a rocket launch at the Boeing Rocket Lab Exhibit. A Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne RS-68 rocket engine is the star of the show. This impressive engine powers the Delta IV rockets. Stand in the "Blast Zone" to experience a lift-off, complete with video, audio, and light effects.

The Rocket Fuel exhibit shows visitors the fascinating chemistry of rocket fuels. To put science in action, guests can calculate their desired mix of compressed air and water and see how far their rocket can fly. Kids can choose their compressed air and water ratio and use a hand pump to launch their rocket. Rockets can go up to 65 feet in the air as they blast off along guide cables.

At Mission Control, kids can take charge of their space mission. Become an engineer or an astronaut and design, build, and launch a satellite or Martian rover.

Kid experiencing flying

Go Flying‍

The helicopter tour offers flyers an adventurous aerial tour. Step inside "the helicopter" and be treated to an immersive video experience. Fly over Irvine Regional Parks or take a renewable energy flight. You'll feel like you are really in the air, soaring through exceptional landscapes.

Hockey Science‍

The Science of Hockey exhibit is a must for sports lovers or curious scientists. Kids can test their skills as a goalie or shooter. A full-size replica Zamboni Machine lets kids take the wheel of the popular ice cleaning machine. Young learners can also enter the broadcast booth and record their commentary.

Take an Eco-Challenge‍

Race to Recycle

In the Eco-Challenge, shoppers try to make the best food decisions and then test their recycling skills. Families can compete against each other and see who can recycle the most.

In the Water Gallery, kids can discover the difference between salt and fresh water and then sort fish according to their habitat. Young learners can explore the different states of water, from frozen to steam to vapor.

Learn how to co-exist with invading vectors such as mosquitoes and rodents. Kids can use a touch screen tablet to complete the Inspector Training Course and then go on an adventure to find and re-route invaders.

In the Petersonville Healthy Kitchen, kids can create healthy recipes, learn about how their bodies digest food, and learn kitchen safety.

The on-site Bean Sprouts Café offers a wide variety of healthy food options, from gluten-free pizza to delicious salads.

Experience the Best of Orange County‍

The DiscoveryCube OC is one of the most impressive and interactive children's museums on the West Coast. Book your stay at Capri Suites Anaheim Convention Center Hotel and experience the best of Orange County.

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