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Best Disneyland Apps to Use at the Park

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Headshot of Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
March 4, 2022

A trip to Disneyland is a bucket list item. You'll want to stay organized. What's the best way to stay organized? There's an app for that!

Best Disneyland Apps

The best Disneyland apps help you stay organized, find park information, and keep track of ride wait times. One of our favorite apps lets you keep track of your car, so you don't spend the night wandering around the parking lot. In addition, Disneyland apps can help you pass the time with entertaining games and trivia.

Official Disneyland App

Official Disneyland App

To get the most use out of the Disneyland App, you should download it, add your credit card, and scan your Disneyland tickets.

The park opens and closes at different times each day. With the app, you can quickly check park hours and Magic Morning times and see if there's an Extra Magic Hour today.

The app also has a great map feature to see where you are, find the next ride, the nearest restroom, or check out dining options.

Disney's most popular rides require you to join a virtual queue. You can join virtual lines through the app.

When you are considering what ride to experience next, it's helpful to know each attraction's estimated wait time. The Disneyland app has bubbles next to each attraction that displays the estimated wait time.

You can check FASTPASS times and showtimes and see where your favorite characters are.

MaxPass is a paid upgrade available in the app. MaxPass will make FASTPASS requests for your next attraction. In addition, you can use MaxPass to download all your PhotoPass photos to your phone.

Finally, you can use Mobile Ordering to order take-out treats and make dining reservations.

Play Disney Parks App

Play Disney App

The Play Disney Parks app offers games and trivia questions. This is a great way to pass the time while on the bus or waiting in line. You'll get special access to additional interactive games. For example, the Space Mountain attraction unlocks the "Rocket Race" and Space Mountain attraction.

Hidden Mickeys App

There are hundreds of "Hidden Mickeys" at Disneyland. Download the Hidden Mickeys app and find hidden Mickeys. Once you start looking, you'll see Mickey in carefully designed flowerbeds carved in architectural details and hiding in shop displays.

Postagram App

Sharing vacation photos by phone and email is fun, but it's always a wonderful surprise to get a customized postcard. Using the Postagram app, you can turn your cell phone pictures into postcards delivered by regular mail.

The app will print your picture, add a custom message, add the stamp, and mail your postcards. This is a great way to surprise family members who couldn't come on the trip.

Find My Car with AR

Find My Car with AR

The Disneyland Toy Story Lot is massive! The parking lot looks different at night, and it can be hard to locate your car. Get the Find My Car with AR app, turn the app on in your parking spot, click the app, and walk away.

Get the Most out of Your Disneyland Trip

Get the most out of your Disney days with the best Disneyland apps. After enjoying the theme park, try the best restaurant in Downtown Disney and share the day's favorite memories over a fantastic meal.

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