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Anaheim Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

Flightdeck Flight Simulation - Fighter Jet Pilot
Headshot of Matt Claiborne
Matt Claiborne
October 8, 2021

If you are looking for something unique and thrilling or dream of piloting your fighter jet, check out Anaheim’s Flightdeck flight simulation center.

Experience The Adventure of High-Speed Flying‍

The Flightdeck immerses civilians into a thrilling aviation adventure. Guests will receive specific ground-school style training before taking the controls of an aircraft simulator. The experience is open to non-pilots and pilots alike. Before beginning the flight, pilots will be given a thorough briefing and dress the part in a flight suit. It's recommended to wear comfortable, lightweight clothing for easy layering.

The Fighter Pilot Experience‍

Fighter Pilot

The Fighter Pilot experience includes a 30-minute ground school class and a 30-minute flight. Guests should be over 11 years old and be at least 4'11" to participate. With eight jet simulators available, up to eight people can take off simultaneously, providing an excellent opportunity for friendly competition. See if you have what it takes to make it as an elite fighter pilot.

Pilots will strap in, adjust their headsets, and be cleared for take-off. There's no time to rest! Pilots will hear "Fight's On, Fight's On" and immediately take evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit by the enemy.

Pilots can fly at speeds up to 600 knots while they engage in exciting air-to-air combat.

At the end of the experience, land your fighter jet and try not to crash-land. Finally, pilots will be debriefed by their instructors and will see how they scored.

The Boeing 737 Experience‍

Flight Simulator - Pilot Cabin

The Boeing 737 Experience allows pilots to take the controls of a massive airliner. This experience is available for guests over ten years old who are at least 4'10". This great simulator is a replica of a Boeing 737 and includes a 180-degree wrap-around screen.

The Boeing 737 flight simulator allows guests to experience airline pilot life. This unique airliner cruises at 33,000 feet at a cruising speed of 464 knots. Its massive wingspan is 124 ft, 10 inches. No experience is needed to take the controls.

Visitors can choose from either a 30-minute package or a 60-minute package. During the 30 minute adventure, guests can experience an introduction to flying an airliner. Guests will be paired with an experienced flight instructor, who will guide the flight.

Pilots will experience take-off and then reach altitude. Next, they'll test the navigation systems and execute several turns. Next, pilots are cleared for landing. Finally, they'll turn a final approach and land the massive airliner.

In the 60 minute package, pilots fly a complete route with their flight instructor. You can choose from two flight paths. One popular option includes taking off from LAX, flying the coast to San Diego, and executing a localizer approach over downtown before safely landing. Another popular choice takes pilots to Hawaii. For this option, you'll depart Honolulu and arrive in Kona at sunset.

During these experiences, your flight instructor will help you make the most of your adventure with expert tips and professional guidance.

The Officer's Club‍

Resting Room

Check out the Officer's Club if you prefer to relax while your aviation enthusiasts take the controls. Here, you can watch your pilot's fighter jet antics or smooth airline flight on massive LCD screens.

‍Experience the Thrill at the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center in Anaheim‍

The Flightdeck experience provides real thrills without burning through Jet-A fuel. It's an experience we know the whole family will talk about for years. Tired pilots can rest and rejuvenate at our comfortable suites in Anaheim, California.

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